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Latex Catsuit With Cutouts – 75% Off

Oh. My. Goodness. What can I say about this one? Pictures speak a thousand words….and these picture are just plain sexy. This flattering heavy latex catsuit includes cutouts to make, er, certain parts more accessible. If you’ve never worn latex, I highly recommend it! It heightens the feeling of your lover touching you, first distantly through the latex and then immediately against your skin in the breast and crotch cutouts. One word: awesome.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t as into latex as Bee was, but after wearing this suit only once I’ became a convert! The best part is that we originally got the catsuit only for me, but then realized that the next size up can also work great for guys! Especially guys like Bee that also like their nipples played with – super convenient. We don’t even have to take them off for the grand finale!

The material is sturdy and the suit is made to last. All seems and edges are reinforced and double thickness. As with our other latex products, this suit sells for over $400 in Europe! Take advantage of the same material and quality here for a more affordable price.

Go get one at kinkaday.comLatex Catsuit

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Go get one at kinkaday.comLatex Catsuit

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