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Posture Collar with Gag

This posture collar / ball gag combinations is one of the best out there! The collar holds your neck in place, restricting range of motion, and the attached ball gag tightly cinches down to the collar. No sub will be able to do anything other than moan and whimper in pleasure, if that! The restrictiveness makes for a much-enhanced experience, and it comes highly recommended by Bee and Kay.

And, ALWAYS remember the basic safety tips for gags:

  • If a beginner, use a small gag and don’t fasten it too tight at first. Get used to it, and go up in size and tightness as you feel comfortable.
  • Make sure that to agree on a safety signal / noise before beginning, since with a gag you can’t pronounce your safety word.
  • Be aware of any breathing problems (asthma, for example) or jaw problems, and choose a gag size / type accordingly, and double check for breathing issues throughout the fun.

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